Too T3rpd

Moneys Green Motherfluck3r! Ft. Seth Ferranti

January 10, 2022 DonovanC, Ryan Fargo, Lila Episode 59
Too T3rpd
Moneys Green Motherfluck3r! Ft. Seth Ferranti
Show Notes

We told you that in year 2  we were things to the next level and were hear to deliver! For the first episode this week Donovan and Lila sit down with writer, journalist, filmmaker, and former American outlaw Seth Ferranti! We talk with Seth about serving his 21 year prison sentence and starting his writing career while in. Seth discusses being a film maker and his current and projects including: White Boy currently on Netflix, Night Life,  Tangled Roots to name a few and much more.  On this episode we smoke some Lemon Pound Cake and Peyote flower. 

You can find Seth's work on his website:
 Instagram: @SethFerranti
Youtube:  @SethFerranti

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